Clelia Montali is a multifaceted artist and creative professional with a passion for photography, digital artistic direction, and creative consulting. With a diverse educational background that includes studies in literature at Sorbonne Paris and an MBA in UX, Data Strategy, and Digital Artistic Direction from Sup de Pub, Clelia brings a unique blend of artistic vision and strategic expertise to her work.Having worked with prestigious brands such as CHANEL, both in their CSR team and in digital artistic direction, Clelia has gained invaluable experience in leveraging creativity to effectively communicate brand stories and engage audiences. Her work reflects a deep understanding of visual storytelling, aesthetics, and the power of digital platforms.As a freelance photographer and creative consultant, Clelia has the ability to capture the essence of her subjects and bring their visions to life. Her self-shot campaigns for various brands as a model demonstrate her versatility and creativity in producing compelling visual narratives.Clelia's artistic pursuits are complemented by her academic achievements, as well as her international upbringing, having attended Lycée Francais de New York. These experiences have shaped her unique perspective and allowed her to seamlessly merge different cultural influences into her creative endeavors.Passionate, driven, and constantly pushing boundaries, Clelia Montali continues to explore new avenues for artistic expression, seeking to create meaningful experiences and make a lasting impact through her work.